The Importance of a Dynamic Warm-Up

A dynamic warm up is vital to a successful training session.    There are many different versions and mixed feelings regarding whether there needs to be a ball involved or not.  Many feel any time in training that doesn’t utilize a ball is wasted time.  I, and others, feel it’s more important to get a good warm up and to have the players truly ready (both physically and mentally) for when the ball is then added to the warm up.

In this activity, start with 4 cones in a line, 10 yards apart.  Another 2 cones are in a different line 10 yards apart and 10 yards to the side of this first line. 2 more cones are in a similar line 10 yards to the other side.

Two lines of players start by going to cone 1, then to cone 2, then to cone 3, then to cone 4, then to cone 5 and then to cone 6.  When they get to cone 6 they jog back to the starting line.


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* To start, the players jog through the set up.  When the first player gets to the third cone, the next players starts
* Next the players skips through while opening the gate.  This means the player brings their leg to their chest, then swings the knee to the side and then does the same with the other leg
* Next the players skips through will closing the gate (exact opposite of the previous one)
* Next the players jog through with high knees
* Next the players jog through hitting their heals to their butt.
* Next the players carioca.
* Next the players jog backwards
* Next the players jog forward at 50% speed
* Next the players go through at 75% speed
* Next the players go through at 100% sprint

This is a nice dynamic warm up that helps players get ready for their training session.  Similar warm-ups can be found from our book, Dutch Drills For Total Team Training.

Have a great day!


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